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You have probably seen First Christian’s new logo in the May 27th church bulletin or in the weekly email.  The new logo has brought with it some questions, so I wanted to take the time to explain the genesis of how it came to be.

First Christian has long had a logo and it’s not what you might think.  The chalice with St. Andrew’s cross has been used everywhere in the church and people might assume that this is the logo for the church.  While it is the symbol for our denomination, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), it isn’t the logo for First Christian Minneapolis.  What has been the logo is a three-dimensional cross, the same cross that was in the sanctuary of the 2201 building and is now in the North Sanctuary of SpringHouse Ministry Center.  This old logo has appeared on letterhead and other documents, but hasn’t been used very actively in years.  First Christian needed a logo for the 21st century that was modern, but built upon our heritage.

The logo was designed by Chris Nelson, a local graphic designer who recently moved to Rockville, Maryland.  He used three elements to design the logo- the first being the 3D cross, the second being the multicolored stained glass windows or “dots” located in the balcony of the old 2201 building and a banner that incorporated the former two items with the chalice.  That banner was hung in the Garden Sanctuary of SpringHouse on the Sunday First Christian moved to its new home.  Put them together, and you end up with the new logo.

This new logo wasn’t simply the work of Chris or myself.  The congregation offered their own opinions that we valuable in shaping our logo.  I want to thank all of those who shared their viewpoint because you all helped create a wonderful graphic that will be used in the years to come.

The new logo will start appearing on the refreshed website, emails and other forms of communication.  As we begin our ministry in a new home, may this logo share where we have been as well as where we are going…with God’s help.

Dennis Sanders
Associate Pastor

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